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Friday, March 10, 2006

Informaticopia: Access-management: Athens -> Shibboleth
It could potentially provide them whith a much easier process to access full text journal articles & bibliographic databases, video and audio files, research data sets and a host of research materials. The cry of "single sign on" is I believe one of the factors which wil increase the uptake of resources by those resistant to the use of some digital technologies.
I have an idea for easier access. It's called open access.  It's a proven, robust "technology" which will allow more than just a small slice of interested parties access.  Happily, it's not my idea and substantial progress has been made in the biomedical world, at least.
On a less rantish note, it's interesting they perceive a lack of use as the problem.  At least in the labs I've worked in, no one reads paper journals any more.



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