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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lost a bunch of links due to a software glitch.  Upgraded Performancing for the second time in as many weeks, so hopefully it won't happen again.

Official Google Blog: One for the books
It's the early 1800s, and the "Abraham" in question is Abraham Lincoln, whose superior hog-handling skills are described at length in J.B. McClure's Anecdotes of Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln's Stories, one of the many public domain books you can browse using Google Book Search.

Official Google Blog: Global searches go to local libraries
If for example you're a student in Sweden searching Google Scholar for [chemistry], you can click the “Library Search (Sweden)” link underneath the book titled "Principles of polymer chemistry" to see the list of Swedish libraries that hold the book.

The IP uprising
The rising threat of third party IP infringement is promising to give a new turn to the entire debate, till now primarily focused on the ownership and security concerns.
As you might guess, I think third party IP liability is the worst idea ever.  Imagine suing all the Blackberry users if RIM loses.

Slashdot | Film Studios Sue Samsung Over DVD players
The Korea Times reports that five U.S. film studios have taken Samsung to court for selling DVD players which allow users to bypass DRM features.
In other news, future sales of Chinese DVD players projected to skyrocket.

Slashdot | Partial Victory for Perfect 10?
Perfect 10 is likely to succeed in proving that Google directly infringes its copyright by creating and displaying thumbnail copies of its photographs.
I thought this battle was won a long time ago?

Biting the Hand that Feeds the TV Show. Copyfight: the politics of IP
I'm sure NBC lawyers need no reminding that unlike trademarks, copyrights do not need to be policed to retain their validity. Instead, NBC seems to be shutting down its own best advertising.

Furdlog » BusWeek Columnist Sees An MP3.Com-Redux Strategy
But even if Amazon didn’t actually try to assert this right without the labels’ blessing, could it use that potential as a club to get price concessions on digital songs from the labels? Lower prices might help Amazon’s digital music business actually make money.



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