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Friday, February 24, 2006

Technology, Technology news, Times Online
"I can't believe that your company would allow people to make money from something that you allow people to have free access to. Is this really the case?" she asked.

"If Mozilla permit the sale of copied versions of its software, it makes it virtually impossible for us, from a practical point of view, to enforce UK anti-piracy legislation, as it is difficult for us to give general advice to businesses over what is/is not permitted."

I felt somewhat unnerved at being held responsible for the disintegration of the UK anti-piracy system. Who would have thought giving away software could cause such difficulties?

Slashdot | MPAA Files Lawsuits Targeting Major Torrent Sites
Slyck news reports on a new wave of lawsuits the MPAA has filed against major Bit Torrent search sites including: Torrentspy, Isohunt, Torrentbox, Niteshadow and Bthub

Net video explosion triggers traffic jam worries | Tech News on ZDNet
The amount of video online is skyrocketing, whether it's "Lost" episodes or movie trailer mash-ups. The phenomenon is putting new stress on ISP networks, which are seeing the demands on their bandwidth burgeon.

Coming to a video game near you: more ads
None of this is surprising, but what does come as a shock is just how much advertisers are willing to pay to get their name in the game. For American Wasteland, Chrysler, Nokia, and Motorola together ponied up US$2 million to ensure product placement—nearly 10 percent of the game's total development cost.

Democracy player brings power to the people
What sets Democracy apart from the traditional media player is its system of finding and subscribing to content feeds (called channels) that anyone can create.

E-Commerce News: Legal : Razorback2 Bust Fails to Dent eDonkey Traffic
"We have seen no effect on the eDonkey traffic levels," Andrew Parker, chief technical officer at CacheLogic, a UK-based watcher of Internet Get Linux or Windows Managed Hosting Services with Industry Leading Fanatical Support. traffic patterns, told the E-Commerce Times.
As best I can tell right now, prosecuting the network itself does almost nothing.  Napster's shutdown merely spawned dozens of others.  Prosecuting end-users--to the extent that it has any effect at all--merely drives people to darker nets, where they can't  be monitored or useful information can't be maintained.  I am worried, however, that as these darknets are built they will enable other, more dangerous kinds of traffic.

Slyck News - MUTE Security Vulnerability Discovered
If a malicious attacker wished to compromise the anonymity of the MUTE client, he or she could manipulate the webcache to only reflect the attacker’s IP address. When an individual connects to the network, he or she would in actuality be connecting to the attacker’s IP addresses, thereby exposing the client’s anonymity.
The usual weakest link security story.  This one seems pretty far-fetched, though, and easily correctible with something like authentication using trusted public/private keys.

Google, Porn Images, Copyright Violations?. Copyfight: the politics of IP
Matz is clearly trying to tread a line that both allows Google's indexing business and respects Perfect 10's copyrights. The problem is that I don't think there is any such line to be walked.

The Patry Copyright Blog: Google Nudes II
I was a bit surprised at the felicity with which the court dismissed Google's policy of prohibiting a website from registering as an AdSense partner if the site's webpages contain images that appear in Google Image Search results.

Michael Gartenberg - SONOS is the best system for moving digital audio around the home
Finally. forget DRM content for now. No iTunes or Plays for Sure support so if you're heavy into those types of servcies, this isn't the system for you.
More DRM complications.



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