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Thursday, February 23, 2006

break it down like this | MetaFilter
An installation featuring an acetate pressing of a well worded spoken piece about copyright law, creative commons, culture and even advertising from the perspective of the history of the now ubiquitous Amen Break featuring audio samples of songs and artists from the well known to the unusual.

Touble ahead for You Tube? | MetaFilter
It seems the words copyright violation have scared them into a stupor, as now several bloggers are complaining, and even calling for a little civil disobedience.

Monkey Bites
Podbop asks you to input the name of your city, then it returns a list of bands playing in your city this week, along with links to download samples of their music as MP3. They pull the live music listings from the open database at Eventful using their API. The MP3s that show up in Podbop's results are gathered from the bands' websites or the websites of their record labels, so they are freely available already. No funny stuff here.

Broadcast Treaty has potential to grant unwarranted "protections"
A video featuring comments on the WIPO treaty by US Copyright Office head Marybeth Peters has recently surfaced. In it, she sheds some light on the fact that, although US broadcasters would love to see the additional control granted to them, at least some people in the government are not necessarily in agreement on the issue, and the topic is not yet decided.

Slashdot | Razorback2 Servers Seized
While it does not host any actual files or multimedia material, it does index the location of such files on the eDonkey2000 network. The legality of such indexing remains questionable, however this has not deterred copyright enforcement actions.

Slashdot | Japan to Discourage Sale of Old Electronics
Engadget is reporting that after April 1st (no this is not an April fools joke) the sale of old electronics in Japan could become much harder.
Couple this with the news of a crackdown on hackable DVD players, and you have a perfect storm of transition to DRM.

Bill Graham Archive Online. Copyfight: the politics of IP
The archive will begin featuring video later this year, much of it never-before-seen footage.

Open Access News - More on Marybeth Peters
I think it is too long. I think that was probably a big mistake.

The Patry Copyright Blog: Google Nudes
It runs this way: those who place content on the Internet do so with the knowledge and expectation that it will be found; that's the only reason for placing it in cyberspace. The only way to find content is through search engines. If one wants to limit access, that can be done through password or other protections, and robots.tx tags. As to end-users, one can have a contractual arrangement, click-through or otherwise that places conditions on use.



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