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Monday, February 20, 2006

Wired News: Can Surround Sound Save MP3?
The format adds minimal overhead, consuming just 15 additional bits per second. And it is backward compatible, so MP3 Surround files will play on any device that supports plain-vanilla MP3, sans surround.

Can't Remember Who Whacked Whom? Just Check the Map on the Web Site - New York Times
And in one of the first marketing efforts to use Google's map technology, HBO would like to show you exactly where those are.
The first ad remix of Google Maps...

A Video Clip Goes Viral, and a TV Network Wants to Control It - New York Times
Julie Supan, senior director of marketing for YouTube, said she contacted NBC Universal about working out a deal to feature NBC clips, including "Lazy Sunday," on the site. NBC Universal responded early this month with a notice asking YouTube to remove about 500 clips of NBC material from its site or face legal action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Free publicity? Sue them.

Nielsen Will Start to Measure TV Habits of College Students - New York Times
Nielsen Media Research announced last week that it would include college students living away from home in its television ratings beginning in early 2007, a move that could bolster ratings on networks like Fox, MTV and the WB, which cater to younger viewers.

By Sacrificing Its Catalog, Will Disney Spoil Its Internet Business? - New York Times
"I think it's time to focus just on e-commerce, and see how great we can be," Mr. Gainer said.

Slashdot | Source Code & Copyright
The argument that source code is uncopyrightable, with some extensions could be applied to almost all, say, fiction stories since no one's written a truly new story in like five thousand years.

Slashdot | Microsoft To Offer Free Wireless VoIP
MICROSOFT has developed a Skype-style free internet voice service for mobile phones that City analysts believe could wipe billions off the market value of operators such as Vodafone.

Slashdot | PTO Requests Working Model of Warp Drive
At least one examiner is paying attention

FYI: Delete All Songs From Your iPod Before Selling It :: iPod Hacks :: The Latest and Greatest News and Info for Your iPod
Selling an iPod preloaded with music is no different than selling a DVD onto which you have burned your entire music collection… Either act is a clear violation of U.S. copyright law. The RIAA is monitoring this means of infringement… Unlawful reproduction or distribution is infringement. There is no fair use when someone is getting a complete copy of a work, especially a creative work and especially when it could have an adverse impact on the marketplace for selling or licensing that work… In short: seller beware. - the original daily p2p and digital media news site
They're preparing to spend millions more of artists' money on an appeal against the very judgement they were, until recently, calling a victory.



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