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Thursday, February 02, 2006

BitTorrent Client Shootout
Specifically, they want to know what it is, which clients are best and where to go to find the freshest torrents.

Slashdot | Fired from an IP Law Firm for Anti-DRM Views?
Inga Chernyak, recently featured in a VillageVoice piece entitled "Code Warriors", has been fired from an IP firm in NYC for having "incompatible views".

TechCrunch ยป Pandora Releases Sharing Features
Pandora, which has lately been the subject of intense comparisons to competitor, will release a number of new features aimed at sharing tonight.

A Bright Spot in the Dim Video Game Picture - New York Times
The used game business is more mature but remains tremendously profitable.
We've already seen crackdowns on eBay reselling of music.  Where will this market go when it happens to games?

Cartel Makes Business 2.0 Top 101, Twice. Copyfight: the politics of IP
Unfortunately, it's the "101 Dumbest Moments in Business" list. In at number thirteen is the Sony rootkit fiasco and right below that at fourteen is blatant payola email from BMG to a Hartford Radio Station.

Wired 14.02: The Indie Movie Mogul
If you notice a lack of boneheaded action, smarmy romance, and brain-dead comedy, it's because Participant's mission was to make not blockbusters but messages - movies that promote social and economic justice. So Skoll is still giving back. This time, though, he may get an Oscar in return.

Open Access News
Comment. This is a good solution to a serious problem. I'm suspending judgment on whether there are better solutions. Bottom line: if you want to copy more than fair use allows, and you cannot find the copyright holder even after a diligent effort, then (if this proposal is adopted) you may proceed to do the copying at a lower risk than under current law.



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