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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Congressional staffers edit boss's bio on Wikipedia
The issue gets much more interesting when politicians get involved in editing their own Wikipedia biographies and those of their rivals—and did we mention that it was being done at taxpayer expense?

CableCARD certification rules out home-built Windows MCE boxes, possibly other DIY solutions
which means you can at last use your PC as a high definition digital video recorder. Unfortunately, a few obstacles stand between you and the nirvana that is 1080i.

Google to buy Napster?
music industry insiders say that Google is about to announce a partnership with or buyout of Napster

Is your game's copy protection system frying your machine?
No, we're not talking about Sony's rootkit debacle—this time it's copy protection for computer games.

Wired News: Roll Your Own Ringtone
Now MIT's Media Lab hopes to unleash some new creativity into this market with a ringtone composition tool to the masses for free.

Wired News: Law Annoys Private Cord Banks
But thanks to $79 million in federal money that will fund the new public bank, private cord-blood collectors may have a harder time attracting new business. Many doctors say that's just fine, because private blood banking is a rip-off.
Imagine if this logic were applied to PubChem.

Slyck News - Judge Refuses to Rule on Kazaa Contempt Charges
As per order number 4, Sharman Networks was required to enhance Kazaa's already existing key word filter with an additional 3,000 words by December 5, 2005.

John Battelle's Searchblog: Google Going P2P?
The URL resolves to Google ( also resolves to Google, though to a non working page.) Odd, in that ShareLive used to be a file sharing site.
Google to buy Napster?
Google has responded to the Napster story, and it's not happening: [A] Google spokeswoman says, "It's a rumor. It's a fabrication. There isn't any truth in it." Google says in an e-mailed statement that it has "no plans to acquire Napster" or "develop a music store at this time."

AT&T chief says that people are only paying for half the Internet
First, there was the infamous "our pipes" comment, made last year as a warning to VoIP providers. Next came the blasting of Google and Microsoft for being freeloaders on the Information Superhighway. Now, to complete the hat-trick, Whitacre has clarified his comments by announcing that only half of people's Internet access is being paid for:



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