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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Seeing Fakes, Angry Traders Confront EBay - New York Times
It said it had no responsibility for the fakes because it was nothing more than a marketplace that links buyers and sellers.
P2P redux.

Visible Earth: Frequently Asked Questions
I thought P2P and Filesharing were illegal! This is a common misconception. BitTorrent, and peer-to-peer (P2P) are protocols, like HTTP and EMail. It is true that they can be used to share files illegally, but the same is true of HTTP. Our use here is legitimate, however, so you should have no need to be concerned.
NASA using BitTorrent. SNIU

AppleInsider | Amazon plans full-length feature film streaming
Online retailer is preparing to enter the digital download space this spring with a service that will likely marry digital video streaming to DVD sales, reports

Slashdot | Court Rules Burning Porn = Making Porn
And how does this affect the lawsuits by the BSA, RIAA, and MPAA?"

Gates gives Asian piracy 10 more years, tops
The minute piracy stops helping the Chinese and Indian tech scenes (at America's expense) and starts seriously hurting it, the countries' governments will start to crack down.
China, in particular, has shown a startling ability to accept those things good from the West and reject the rest.  I wouldn't be surprised if the crackdown came only on indigenous software. - the original daily p2p and digital media news site
And while I don't contest claims that, with DRM, obscure formats and lack of choice, the offerings from Apple's and its competitors' sites are inferior to what can be had for free elsewhere, I see it as a healthy sign that the cultural connoisseur, with more money that sense, is still very much alive.

Open Access News
We must fight for the promise copyright made to the public: All these economic rights are only in the service of intellectual progress.

Furdlog » Look; Music Marketing Has Changed
“The overall marketing dollars may or may not be the same, but the money’s not just coming out of labels’ pockets anymore. There are many new partners who want exclusive content and are willing to pay for it,” one music executive said.

The Patry Copyright Blog: There's Hole in Your Opinion, Partner
Hank Williams Sr. left a legacy befitting a great musician: enough classic recordings to fill box sets that can be reshuffled and sold anew every holiday season, illegitimate children who can tie up the estate in litigation for years, and undiscovered live recordings whose chain of title is as tortured as James Frey and Doubleday's relationship to the truth.

Slashdot | Wikipedia Entries 'Cleaned' By Political Staffers
According to the Lowell Sun, U.S. Rep Marty Meehan's staff has been heavily editing his Wikipedia bio, among other things removing criticisms.



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