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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

TechCrunch » FireAnt Just Rocks
The result is an extremely versatile, file-type-agnostic videoblogging ecosystem. A tool like this was needed to allow videoblogging to expand to more users.

Wired News: Machinima for the Masses
The Movies game is also geared toward creating genre flicks -- horror, sci-fi, romance, etc. -- and a lot of creators use this feature to tell stories that mainstream Hollywood never would.

Seeking Ways to Fill All Those Tiny Screens - New York Times
But like the digital-audio boom in the late 1990's, this new video territory raises old questions of copyright infringement and users' rights.

Students and Teachers, From K to 12, Hit the Podcasts - New York Times
Currently, iTunes lists more than 400 podcasts from kindergarten through 12th-grade classes, while Yahoo has nearly 900 education-related podcasts.

Broadcast Flag praised, panned in Senate hearing : Page 1
In general, there was a slight bias towards supporting the broadcast flag, although it was clear from listening to the two-plus hour hearing that not all parties involved understand the technology or what is at stake, while some others are embarrassingly dishonest and disingenuous.

The Chronicle: Daily news: 01/25/2006 -- 01
Apple Computer will allow any college or university to set up a customized portion of the iTunes Music Store to distribute course content and other audio and video material.

Freedom to Tinker » Blog Archive » CD DRM: Threat Models and Business Models
It is important to note that the record label and the DRM vendor are separate entities whose goals and incentives are not always aligned.

Slyck News - Major Napster Layoffs? Not Quite
Executives from Napster stated the "layoffs were not indicative of any larger trend, and dismissed any discussions of a future sale or liquidation."

DAVE.TV Rolls Out Content Publishing Network Through IPTV Platform |
DAVE.TV, a global IPTV digital entertainment distribution network, today announces the launch of its Content Publishing Network enabling content owners and publishers, for the first time, to deliver their content simultaneously to the TV, PC, portable and mobile devices all over the world and across multiple service provider networks.
SNIU - the original daily p2p and digital media news site
When you are signed to a label you get $0.70 per CD. Break even costs run about $9.00. Tim then told me that the PDubs latest CD cost them (including studio efforts and disc manufacturing) about $2.50 a CD. They sell them for $10, pocketing $7.50 or ten times more than a label would pay them.

Mac News: Commentary : Oxford University on Pirate-Whacking Campaign
Christ Church, one of its most famous colleges, admits it will act as a Big Four anti-P2P cop, with the cartel's British Phonographic Industry darkly "monitoring" the situation in the background.

RIAA To Target ISPs Next? - // News
A Supreme Court victory is nothing to sneeze at, though the opponent was a relative lightweight compared to the internet access industry. While their affect on the overall music industry has been profound, P2P companies are essentially minor league players in terms of overall earnings. - the original daily p2p and digital media news site
Citing a series of CRIA studies and editorials doesn't prove Bulte's case. It actually makes the point that critics have been raising for the past three weeks. - the original daily p2p and digital media news site
But seriously now: is John Coltrane going to be pissed at me for downloading Blue Train? I'd hate to show disrespect for the dead.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Digital music: Industry answers
Some of the top executives in the music industry have answered your questions about digital music.

The Patry Copyright Blog: Fantasy Baseball
"Player statistics are in the public domain. We've never disputed that. But if you're going to use the statistics in a game for profit, you need a license from us to do that. We own those statistics when they're used for commercial gain."

Furdlog » Correlation, Causation and Commensuration
We had the last 10 years of the festival’s film guides, which are like inputs, and then a bunch of outputs, like how many people saw a film, did it win anything at Sundance, did it have commercial success. If you could figure out the pattern between the inputs and the outputs, then you could actually predict future winners.

INDICARE : iTunes' terms of service under scrutiny in Norway
iTunes can change the your rights to the music after you downloaded it. This is a violation of basic Principles of consumer contract law. Consumers who want to play they're (sic) music on a non-iPod player must first remove the copy protection



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