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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Home-video Market: Who Rents, Who Buys and Why - Knowledge@Wharton
Option One, whether to pay a flat fee for unlimited consumption or Option Two, whether to pay at each time of consumption.
Sounds like iTMS vs. Napster to me.

Digital Rights Management (DRM): Media Companies' Next Flop? - Knowledge@Wharton
To Hunter, the real cost of DRM schemes is that they keep content out of the hands of future generations. "DRM locks up content that would otherwise be re-used."

Wired 14.02: Phil Knight's Big Leap
Knight says, "You can't work too far outside the system. If one store doesn't want your shoes, you just go to another one. But there are only six or seven big companies in the movie business who can get a picture into theaters. You have to make friends down there."

Wired News: DV Studio Can't Make a Buck
Filmmakers enjoyed creative freedom as InDigEnt slashed production costs and reduced its financial risk by working with well-known talent.
To my knowledge--and the knowledge of the few people I've asked, there is no economic model for this effect.  I am interested in it, particularly for the sciences, where the cost of research has skyrocketed...with corresponding declines in the riskiness of the work undertaken.

Razr vs. Blade: Cloning Is Only Skin Deep - New York Times
songs downloaded directly from Sprint's music store (ludicrously overpriced at $2.50 a song).

Music sales influenced by video games
Unknown artists are finding that getting their music included in a hit video game can be a fast track to success:

Rumors shuffle about a potential Microsoft Portable Device
Despite this plethora of hardware, a Microsoft portable music player would be a significant departure from the company's current online music strategy.

"Making available" == copyright infringement, says RIAA
The cited case law appears to give the argument solid support, but only until you do your homework.

Google May Be Close To Developing iTunes Competitor -
Bear Stearns maintained an "outperform" rating on Google and said the Internet search giant may be looking to expand into the MP3 downloading business.

Slashdot | Google's Cache Ruled Fair Use
A district court in Nevada has ruled that the Google Cache is a fair use

Lawrence Lessig
But interestingly, the “implied license” part of the opinion weakens any such claim in the context of Google Book Search.

The Patry Copyright Blog: Google Caches One
In a passage written before the current China dispute, the court noted in what now seems most ironic

Slashdot | Independents Push For Second Firefly Season
It's possible that subscribers may choose one of three playback options; monthly DVD deliveries, TV On-Demand using your cable or satellite provider, or computer viewing via Streaming Download.' - the original daily p2p and digital media news site
In their latest effort, they're attempting to re-hoist an argument - that merely having a shared files folder that can be accessed is copyright infringement - already explicitly dismissed by judge Marilyn Hall Patel in her Napster decision.

Furdlog » Another Shakeout Prediction
There are currently around 355 downloads stores worldwide, but with Apple’s share of the market rising to 83 per cent, many of the smaller operators will soon be forced out or absorbed by a larger rival.

Official Google Blog: Watching NBA Games on Google Video
“Yep – just caught it on Google Video.” So come watch the greatest players today play some of the greatest games ever.



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