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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Missed It in the Theater Today? See It on DVD Tonight - New York Times
"So much great film has fallen by the wayside," Mr. Sehring said. "The studios are collapsing the window between the theatrical release and the DVD. We're taking that one step further."

Freedom to Tinker » Blog Archive » Analog Hole Bill Would Impose a Secret Law
The details of this technology are important for evaluating this bill. How much would the proposed law increase the cost of televisions? How much would it limit the future development of TV technology? How likely is the technology to mistakenly block authorized copying? How adaptable is the technology to the future? All of these questions are important in debating the bill. And none of them can be answered if the technology part of the bill is secret. - the original daily p2p and digital media news site
"The deputies voted changes that would introduce a so-called 'global licence' - allowing Internet subscribers who opt to pay an additional monthly fee to copy as much music as they like online. The additional revenues would be distributed among artists and other copyright owners."

Furdlog » Comparison and Contrast: CBS and Fox Approach To New Distribution
In the fast-moving world of technology, Fox is the tortoise and CBS is the hare.

Gross Hysteria - Do the studios really overpay top talent like Peter Jackson? By Edward Jay Epstein
As one top Viacom executive explained, "The first truism of Hollywood is 'Nobody gets gross—not even a top first-dollar gross player.' "

A Perfect Album Arrives From Britain - You haven't heard of the Arctic Monkeys? You will. By Jody Rosen
Finally, in June of last year, Arctic Monkeys signed on with the London-based indie label Domino Records; their debut single, "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor"," a torrid little punk-pop song about falling in love in a disco, entered the U.K. singles chart at No. 1, beating out Robbie Williams, the U.K.'s biggest hitmaker of the last decade. It felt like a paradigm shift, and it sounded like one, too.

TechCrunch » Pandora v.
Pandora is easier to use because it takes absolutely no setup and streams music on the site itself. uses tagging and has social network aspects, but you have to download the player to listen to music.

"As I Was Saying to the President …" - Washington and the art of the "glory wall." By John Dickerson
Jack Valenti, a former Lyndon Johnson aide and former superlobbyist for the Motion Picture Association, has perhaps the most impressive photo of proximity to power.

Wired News: The Year of Living DRMishly
This year may be the year that gadget makers finally conquer the living room, replacing DVD players, VCRs and personal video recorders with all-in-one media devices that serve up HDTV, pre-recorded movies and digital music. If so, it will likely also be the year that people learn the meaning of DRM, an acronym the industry says stands for digital rights management, but critics say should stand for digital restrictions mongering.

Wired News: Turning Pages for Those Who Can't
Alas, companies like Microsoft, Adobe and Palm have failed in their e-book endeavors. They've introduced proprietary, encrypted formats that require their respective software to be installed before reading them, in effect destroying a book's inherent characteristic: portability.

Wired News: Awesome, I Sat Through That
When the show was done, band member Adam Yauch (aka MCA, aka Nathanial Hörnblowér) spent a year editing the very raw footage into Awesome, a new kind of concert film premiering this week at the Sundance Film Festival.

Wired News: Real Stern Shocker: No Podcast
But -- aside from cash -- it's hard to see what satellite could do for Stern that podcasting couldn't do better.

Google Video Store: the experiment is showing signs of improvement : Page 2
Indeed, Google's DRM is also a bit suspect because of privacy concerns. As you can see, Google's DRM is of the phone-home sort.

:: Reviews : Play it again anywhere, Sam: MP3tunes Oboe
Oboe is a cross-platform music and playlist syncing service offered by MP3tunes, and it is worth checking out. Think of it as iTunes for Linux. And Windows. And the Mac. For about $40.00 US per year, you can rent unlimited space on MP3tunes' server to store and sync your music with a few mouse clicks.



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