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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Furdlog » Mesh Network Application
Both companies said that sharing high-speed lines might enable users in small neighborhood clusters to download files and Web pages up to 10 times faster.

Brokeback, I Just Can't Quit Ya! - Plus--Unions against solar power. By Mickey Kaus
Has Brokeback's studio cannily covered the falloff in old theaters by adding new cities where a predictably brisk opening-weekend business pulls up the total gross (enabling the flim to maintain its media momentum)?

Lawrence Lessig
In the p2p wars, the side that defended innovation free of judicial supervision was right. But when ordinary people heard both sides of the argument, 90% were against us. In this war, the side that will defend these new creators is right. And when ordinary people hear both sides, and more importantly, see the creativity their kids are capable of, 90% will be with us.

The Patry Copyright Blog: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Among the many things written about Dr. King's birthday, none that I saw dealt with the litigation over his "I had a Dream Speech" being thrown into the public domain.

Broadcast flag also coming to HD Radio
who will buy the CD when they can simply record a pristine digital copy of a song off the radio? (Answer: anyone who wants to hear something besides the 60 songs served up by Clear Channel.)

Slashdot | Sony RootKit Still A Problem?
350,000 networks--many belonging to the military and government--contain computers affected by [Sony's rootkit]." This is down from over half a million last month.

Internet Daily: BellSouth wants new Net fees - Internet Software - Retail - Internet Services - Mobile phones - Travel - Media - Entertainment and Leisure - Airlines - Wireless Technologies - Advertising - Electronic commerce - Internet - Wireless - Trans
BellSouth Corp. confirmed Monday that it is pursuing discussions with Internet content companies to levy charges to reliably and speedily deliver their content and services.

iTunes video boosting TV ratings?
A symbiotic relationship between popular online sales and TV ratings makes sense.
But one between downloads and ratings doesn't?
Slashdot | Google To Buy Radio Advertising Firm
It looks we are finally beginning to see Google's transition to mainstream media.

Trial and Error - New York Times
Here the journal posts a submitted paper online and allows not just assigned reviewers but anyone to critique it. After a few weeks, the author revises, the editors accept or reject and the journal posts all, including the editors' rationale.

Mark Cuban asks for tiered Internet service model
Mark Cuban's latest blog entry makes the case for a multitiered Internet, with priority given to the applications that really matter.

Next Generation - Why PC Gamer Kicked Out Gold Farmers
Lately, 'gold farming' companies such as IGE and Power Leveling — companies whose business is the accumulation and (potentially illicit) real-world sale of virtual MMO property, including gold, in-game items, and characters — have begun running ads in magazines like ours. For the record, PC Gamer’s official stance on these types of companies is that they are despicable: not only do they brazenly break many MMOs’ End-User License Agreements, but they all-too-often ruin legitimate players’ fun.



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