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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sirius Satellite Radio and Howard Stern Go Ear to Ear with XM - Knowledge@Wharton
The fact that Stern's show is already being swapped around the Internet leaves Fader wondering "just how durable the retention rate will be" for Stern fans who only subscribed to Sirius to get Stern.
A very good point.  This seems different than music, where downloading hasn't been shown to hurt sales, but I'm,having trouble articulating exactly why I think that, so perhaps not.

The Grammy Paradox - They're awful. But they're good for pop music. By Jody Rosen
Ray Charles has won 17 Grammys, Aretha Franklin 16, Frank Sinatra 10. But they also refused to acknowledge the existence of hip-hop until 1989 and didn't get around to giving the Rolling Stones a Grammy until 1994. In 1991, Milli Vanilli took the Grammy for Best New Artist. In 1980, the year of the Clash's London Calling, Prince's Dirty Mind, and Talking Heads' Remain in Light, soft-rock wimp Christopher Cross won a clean sweep of the top four prizes.

Matchmaker Pairs Computer and Stereo - New York Times
Slim Devices predicts that Pandora will become a wildly popular feature, and that's probably true (although after a 90-day trial, it costs $36 a year). It offers all the new-music serendipity of Internet radio, with the personal touch of your own CD collection.

Furdlog » Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear?
A sign that subscriptions are still a tough sell? Or that Apple doesn’t want to play? Napster Posts Loss Despite Surge in Sales

Wired 14.02: Posts
The real issue is the blurring of lines between blackhat hacking and legitimate business.

Wired News: Netflix Critics Slam 'Throttling'
Manuel Villanueva realizes he has been getting a pretty good deal since he signed up for Netflix's online DVD rental service 2 1/2 years ago, but he still feels shortchanged.

A Rant. All 406 Pages of It. - New York Times
His targets are the Baby Bells, which he contends owe every American household about $2,000 because they reneged on their collective promise to deploy ultra-high-speed broadband Internet access via optical fiber to millions of homes.
The flip side of the networks claims that they should be paid more for bandwidth.

Mommy, Help Me Download 'Farmer in the Dell' to My MP3 Player - New York Times
Fisher-Price, synonymous with Elmo and Power Wheels, will introduce a digital music player and digital camera for children ages 3 and older that will be sold during the 2006 holiday season.

MPAA: DRM "helps honest users"
But no one goes to the iTunes Music Store because of the DRM. No, the more accurate way to look at it is to say that people go there in spite of it. The MPAA, however, has a very different spin on DRM. In their view, DRM is your friend, and life without DRM could be messy and complex.

AT&T Warns Apple, Others, Of Patent Infringement
AT&T possesses several patents related to video compression, which the company says are an essential component of the MPEG-4 video technology. In a bid to drive its global licensing program, AT&T has targeted Apple Computer, Inc., CyberLink Corp., DivX, Inc., InterVideo, Inc., and Sonic Solutions as unlicensed companies whose products and software utilize the MPEG-4 technology.

Digital Spy: NTL, BitTorrent to team for download service
NTL and BitTorrent have announced details of a new "technical trial" with a view to launching a legal video download service in the UK.
SNIU | David Bollier's blog
It's not widely appreciated that "Centralized Media" - broadcasting, cable television, films, recorded music - have a serious Achilles' Heel. They have huge overhead costs.
via OANews

Furdlog » The Dynamics of New Technology
They went after guns. Then it was T-shirts. Now, in Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s effort to make Boston’s neighborhoods safer, officials have targeted a new possible accomplice in city crime: Pay phones.
I love the title.  "New" technology is dangerous.

Three great links from Tarlton

How Sony Survived: Peer-to-Peer Software, Grokster, and Contributory Copyright Liability in the Twenty-First Century 84 North Carolina L. Rev. 646 (Jan. 2006)
Shades of Grey: Can the Copyright Fair Use Defense Adapt to New Re-Conceptualized Forms of Music and Art?55 American University L. Rev. 267 (Oct. 2005)
From J.C. Bach to Hip Hop: Musical Borrowing, Copyright and Cultural Context84 North Carolina L. Rev. 547 (Jan. 2006)



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