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Sunday, October 09, 2005

So my browser's going crazy and I can't access the URLs for the 45-or-so links that were destined to become today's entry, but the highlights:

Google has an RSS reader now. Yay. Strange potential SNIU. Slate pans new iTunes phone, along with everyone else, apparently.

The Copyright Office is putting in its regular request for exemptions to the DMCA. If history is any guide, they will receive many and accept 2-3.

More format wars. China's launching its own. MS is unhappy about managed copy interacting with its devices. Region coding seems to be a thing of the past. MS can't agree on royalties with the labels.

Universal is making the first 9 minutes of Serenity available online for free. Good marketing. Universal also wants to offer movies online within the year.

The RIAA is going after satellite radio again.

Finland just adopted majorly restrictive copyright legislation.

The BBC's SNIU just went online.

Sony has joined the ranks of record labels posting instructions on how to circumvent its own DRM.

That's all until I fix my browser and work through some more of the backlog.



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