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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Remix happiness. Now if only this were a reality.

Finnish DMCA.

Google offers San Francisco free WiFi. Mayor declares it a "human right."

Progressive thinking on simultaneous release.

Bad movies, bad sales.

After years of bugging them, the DP finally interviews someone who knows something about the issue! It used to be a running joke on the ed board that every time they were discussing an RIAA article and I started to speak, they would say, "we know, we know, call Peter Fader." And then they never would.

Digital sales soar, physical sales drop. From Ars. Artists suffering. Ringtones seem to drive most of it.

No content preference. Good move.

China sends pirate to US for prosecution.

Video search.

And then there were three. And this one's carrying a big gun.

Yahoo partners with OCA to 'rival Google Print.' Not I understand it OCA is public-domain only, and thus more like Gutenberg than Google Print.

eDonkey still looking.

Nice article in the International Herald Tribune. via Suber's superb OANews



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