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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Apple resists label price increases.

Together at last.

Yahoo to TV execs: monetize your unorphaned lost works. We need a term for those works which aren't 'orphaned,' in that they are claimed, but are nonetheless locked up. I guess it falls under the long tail syndrome.

Criticism of Skype sale.

GoogleFi. Confirmed.

TV adds web data-richness. Some day people will learn that information is not as valuable anymore, it's the filtering that matters. Haven't seen the show, though (not owning a TV), and thus there could be a good bit of filtering going on, which would make it quite useful.

P2P providers seek pact with RIAA. I seem to remember Napster 1.0 doing the same thing right before it was sued out of existence.

Hollywood funds $30m research lab. Felten's brilliant analysis.

Nice in-depth article on how the labels use BigChampagne data. Not that it changes much.

Good thing the Betamax test still stands. Very good thing.

More RIAA suit fighters. Causing changes?

New IP blog. via Wentworth

Broadcast right. Patry's commentary. I submitted this to Slashdot two days ago, but they didn't bite. Seems to be my fate these days....

Sprint Radio.

Unclaimed disbursements.

More on game economies.

Copyright in China.



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