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Thursday, September 22, 2005

PressThink on positive externalities accruing back to their originators. "If we prize up-to-date information about petroleum markets, we might value it more—and pay a premium—if the news is exclusively available to paying customers; but do we value Nicholas D. Kristof’s column more if he’s an “exclusive?” We don’t. In fact, it’s probably the reverse."

RSF publishes dissident blogger handbook. That's my life, torn between RSF and MSF.

MashBoxx gets industry exec as new head. Its 'competitors' aren't doing as well. This may not be why open source was invented, but it sure does help. But is it just to Vanatu did WinMX go?

US tries to stop foreign 'piracy.'

Ars commentary on DRM, with some current events thrown in.

Curious little bit of history. Also an interesting mini-discussion on cryptomnesia, which points to the dangers of IP absolutism.

WoW disease spreads. Emergent behavior at its finest.

Google uses wisdom of crowds in more ways than one. I'm reading the book of the same name now, and it's interesting, but a little creepy in that I wrote my essay for a certain standardized test on almost exactly the same things, before reading the book itself.



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