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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Link dump

We swim in an ocean of media.

RSS and Uncle Sam.

PressThink article.

DRM doesn't help sales.

Post-Grokster legislation? More coverage.

Sony PSP now open to hacks.

DIY animated movies. Similar to the opening of recording technologies, just delayed because video is so much more complex.

Podcasting gold rush.

Build-your-own iPod.

Cellphones and music.

Secondary book market thrives on Internet. Once they go to eBooks, they'll try to claim it's piracy.

BT gets $9M in VC.

Google TV.

Broadcast flag, try deux.

MS trys new DRM.

iGrid for hi-res. SNIU?

SNL amateurs. Low barriers to amateur content creation lead to an explosion of content and a changing role of major providers from content creators to what becomes more or less a filter. We're not there yet, but getting there slowly.

Filesharing eroding the morals of Canadian youth.

Massive peer-reviewed Canadian law copyright book.

More bogus DMCA claims.

RIAA claims too vague to withstand a lawyer?



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