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Monday, July 18, 2005

Some interesting work by Chicago's Cass Sunstein over at Lessig's blog.

Open-Source P2P projects continue post-Grokster. Not surprised.

Linking not the problem in Australia case? Doesn't seem too much better (more like a Grokster test). More case analysis here.

Senate affirms NIH Public Access policy.

Norway moves towards open file formats.

Western art piracy by Chinese interests.


More opinion on the Noveck patent proposal. General concensus seems to be the same as mine: good idea, impossible to implement. The proposal itself. Note the title's literary reference. She clearly realizes it is an impractical proposal right now, but sometimes the job of an academic isn't always to put forth practical so much as ideal.

A new piece of software called FRAPS can be put to all sorts of Macrovision-defeating uses.




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