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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Patents and dictionaries.

Free as in....


DVD sales slumping.

BBC open source. In an era of increasing commercialization of non-profit and public-good entities, it's good to see some thinking broadly about their mission.
PBS makes some CC content available. The Cringely column is worth a read. "They'll be using a network of distributed servers I've created as a kind of "poor man's Akamai."

RIP, browser. Long live...iTunes?!

90% of owners TiVo ads.

More on monetization of online property.

Senate testimony. Furd has statements.

"Several interviewees identified copyright as the biggest obstacle to advancing digital scholarship in American literature."

Coke copyrights stifle speech.

Hedging your blockbusters.

My name is Ari and I am addicted to Patry. Daily dose.

An Economic Theory of Infrastructure and Commons Management. Looks good. Lessig is publishing a reply in the same issue.



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