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Monday, July 11, 2005

musiMoto. Will it reach the market this time?

Will volume trump margin? Interesting concept. On a related note, is violating national exhaustion (e.g. reimporting drugs) be morally suspect? The consequences are certainly greater than P2P piracy, even if the actual deed seems less questionable. After all, you've bought the drugs. But there are real consequences to reimportation, namely that pharma is less likely to make it available at a lower price if they can't price discriminate--and, unlike threats of the music industry not to produce any music if they can't protect themselves from piracy, this threat is real. The whole issue is a curious disconnect between consequences and actions.

A communications-related use of the target-the-bottom strategy.

NYTimes on the format wars. Nice lede anecdote.

Ars has insider info on the Apple decision to go Intel. Wonder if they'll get sued.

Cool PSP hacks. Good for Sony (electronics), bad for Sony (music/movie, when those get cracked).

The RIAA doesn't like being the bad-guy, apparently.

Freedom to link.

Fair Use piece. And yes, it is Fair Use Day, according to the basic webpage that some anonymous people threw up on the web.

Seattle Times opinion piece on giving away music. Free music competition.

The daily Patry.

Webcast tomorrow of Senate hearing on music licensing reform.



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