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Monday, July 04, 2005

ThinkSecret reverberates in Congress.

Remixing data.

New wireless pipe dream.


Stealthily abusive.

Audience participation. I'm not sure that newspapers turning into blogs is the right idea. There is a place for newspapers, and a place for blogs, and the two can feed off each other. The problem with newspapers these days, as I see it, is a decline in the valuation of expertise. They used to filter, to make judgement calls. And if you didn't like one newspaper's filter, you went to another one that more closely reflected what you perceived as truth. Today, under the banner of 'objectivity,' our press has subscribed to he said, she said journalism, and the result is that the more extreme side always wins. It's truly unfortunate, and it's ingrained in the philosophy of just about everyone I've talked to in the press, from DP editors right up to the editors of the NYTimes and AP. Fix the expertise problem, and newspapers will become newly relevant.

Blogs as marketing. Redux.

Downloadable movies may finally become reality. For all the talk of not repeating the recording industry's mistakes, the movie industry still committed the big one: not offering your own service before the P2P ones become entrenched.

AOL Live8 concert broadcast is a hit.

Times on Podcasting. Apple press hit, perhaps.

3d tv. The bad part? 3d ads.

Another bad patent. Which begs the question: is there any example out there of a good business method patent?

NYTimes article on $1 DVDs. I own some. They're not bad.

More tinkering.

Pirates of the Commons. Via OANews

Miller on Warez/DRM.

DVD sales slumping?! Could just be bad fare. Maybe Batman Begins will revive their fortunes.

Going on a river trip down the Tennessee for a few days, so no posts until at least Saturday, and the journal launch is July 11, so probably nothing until after then either.



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