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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Big raids appear in the wake of Grokster. $50mill=1HDD. In a bunch of countries. Suing each other. But Germany makes it even harder to sue end users. Sweden passes new laws. More on suits.

EZPeer is off the hook, however.

Moves towards simultaneous release.

BBC culls its own repository. Not such a good idea, given the virtues of copyleak in preservation.

TheStreet on why Grokster won't stop the activity.

Real ad campaign.

Lasica's final guest post. "When I first began conducting research for Darknet three years ago this month [...] [copyright issues] were known to only a very, very small segment of the online community." "But that's beginning to change."

Eldred begat Grokster? Maybe, but either way, Eldred + Grokster is a recipe for cultural stagnation.

Tech loses ally with O'Connor.

DRM as opt-out? Only works when content sources are pluralistic, but still a cool inversion of the way of thinking about things.

Slingbox, space-shifting.



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