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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Copyright Journal launch

Well, after a few months of work, it's finally ready. The journal launched today. Now it's time to spread the word and build a community around it.

Submitted the paragraph below to Slashdot. We'll see if they take it.
A new peer-reviewed journal, Copyright, launched today with its call for papers. The editorial team should be familiar to /.ers, as it includes Lawrence Lessig, Michael Geist, and others equally well known in academia. The journal is to my knowledge the only journal focused on copyright in the internet age, certainly the only open-access one. The journal actively encourages participation by those without "Ph.D." behind their name, through forums, a journal club, feature blogs and aggregators, extensive use of RSS, and projects. The most innovative concept behind the journal, though, is wiki-authored peer-reviewed submissions to the journal. Pick a paper in progress that interests you, do some research, and contribute.


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