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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More on Snocap.

More free music and video. At this rate, the only value left in content will be the commercial value. Ok, I don't really believe that, but there sure is a lot of free music flowing. The commercial value proposition is a tempting one, and would seem to strike a balance between profiting from cultural cachet and handcuffing culture in the first place. A balance in an absolute sense, of course--from where we are now it is simply a net loss for content controllers. Still, other fields have become more balanced.

HD Radio.

Anonymous ranting.

Gaming grid?

"Blogs may be grabbing all the media headlines, but online communities like FlyerTalk are ielding a different kind of influence in the corporate world."

Another try at sterile burning.

DRM lockdown for Intel OS/X.

P2P iTV. SNIU. Too many TLA's.

Internet censorship moves inexorably forward in South Asia.

DRM Law summary.

Ends and means dilemma.

WalMart stops selling VHS. The end of an era.

Anti-TiVo experimentation.

Google getting into video, with generous terms.

Limited book 'screeners.'

Don't blame Berne.



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