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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Coral DRM consortium completes cast of major players.

BMG/Napster case still goes on.

Oh, the good old days. Come to think of it, there was plenty of infringement of software back then, particularly on the smaller BBSes.

P2P decision making?

FreeNet gains some more customers.

iTMS #2 behind WinMX.

I think I've already posted this, but can't remember, and it's worth not missing.

"Rights-managed content will drive the growth of wireless networks." If you say so.

In a related note, why hasn't any legislator proposed a law banning the continuation of DRM after the end of copyright? In theory, it should all be balanced: passing the DMCA? Add such a provision. Passing another copyright extension law? Expand Fair Use. But back to the real world.

First HD DVD-R produced. How long until the next CSS is cracked and they become useful?


Off to Boston for a few days. Updates may be erratic.


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