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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The e-mail wars heat up. How much longer before AOL advertises GB of storage space like it advertises free hours? How much longer before groups start using these accounts as a tool for piracy?

Digital film ennables documentary coverage.

Shuffle hits radio. Still won't help if the playlists they pull from stink.

C&D on DVD Decrypter. The site's down, but it seems like yet another blooming of the futile fight to keep CSS locked down.

Open digital bacteria sim.

RFID internet. Have to look deeper at the concept, but it may be SNIU.

Apple's Intel move has purer motives.

Catalog limitations.

Sony using trademark law to try to enforce national exhaustion.

More on the ThinkSecret case in light of recent leaks.

NYT editorial.

Digital distribution.

Another attempt at analyzing hits. How about you listen, and enjoy, and sell? Or just track pre-release P2P trades like a certain someone has suggested? :-)

Semipro photogs hindered by copyright suspicions.

Does copyright registration matter?



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