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Monday, June 13, 2005

Halfway done with the backlog from this vacation

EFF Whitepaper: fighting infringement without compromising speech.


More on Canadian law proposals.

Average size of shared files nearly trebles.

de minimus unclarity.

Basic laws of economics still hold. Decrease price, increase quantity demanded.

DRM holds back connected home.

The Chief Infringer clamps down (but lightly, perhaps) on innovative hacks.

A good point: website service lock-in. I always wonder what will happen when IMDb goes non-free before I can get my favorites list out.

Metadata for print papers.

Perhaps our society will return to the Popular Mechanics days of tinkering with everything.

CDT paper.

MS to offer switch campaign.

How to cheat BitTorrent and why nobody does. Worth a read.

Grateful Dead and Fair Use.

The perils of low-traffic Wikis. These are failings right now only because of the way our authority systems are built-up. For most things, we are used to detecting quality by location (e.g. NYTimes, Science), rather than by individual metric (e.g. IMDb rates that movie a 8.7). There are certainly exceptions: restaurants (Zagat's), movies (IMDb). OTOH, I read a paper recently that showed that people's perception of quality correlates strongly with how strong a memory the item triggers: bad press may indeed be better than no press.

Warner tinkers with simultaneous DVD releases. Although it's a minor movie, it seems a positive step: no reliance on DRM, just plain old-fashioned obnoxious measures like video-encoded subtitles (as opposed to overlaid) and not encluding certain content.

Brown appointment IP aspect.



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