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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"Name a type of intellectual property that the owner can't practice?"

The latest chapter from Darknet.

Lexmark DMCA abuse comes to an end.

OA Law initiative.

Revising German copyright law to permit OA.

The Perils of Strong Copyright. via OAN

No source? No conviction. Now if only we could see how our voting machines work....

Record industry problems. What is it about IP that promotes a blockbuster mentality? Drugs; movies; now music.... Low marginal cost of production I guess, but surely they see that there are other costs to trying hard for the one big hit.

UK to take next hit.

MySpace builds 14:1 lead over Friendster with music.

Wired suspects Apple's Intel move made for the DRM. Sure hope not, as hardware-based DRM is DRM of the worst kind. Unfortunately, with Apple moving to Intel and AMD incorporating DRM in soon, we're in trouble.

Clear Channel.

Grassroots music.



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