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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Music industry finally uses data to sell its songs.

Sony DRM settlement.

Copyright law links from Lessig.

The anticommons.

"Sanity breaking out all over." In France. More. Impressive, given that a week ago all the articles were on how France was making DRM mandatory.

Fascinating Felten. More.

Online game worlds and real crime. If it's a real economy, why shouldn't it be real crime?

VPN P2P. Has many SNIUs.

Napster 2.0 infringing?

P2P TV station. SNIU.

Spitzer investigating online music pricing.

P2P use increasing. P2P use decreasing.

Podcasting as promotion.

EMI tech chief plays highly public role.

Skypecasting. Darknets are much older than MP3s.

CacheLogic P2P SNIU.

Is MagnaTune becoming discontented with its lack of DRM?

Biometric DRM. Ain't gonna work.

250 posts down, 750 to go.


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