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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Google tests music search.

CS Monitor wants total unbundling.

Magnatune partners with Weedshare. Given that Weedshare has a good deal of major label backing, this is interesting. Right now the labels still have quite a bit of control; once the middlemen start opening up distribution channels, however, that may not last. Perhaps the industry should have opened up to digital distribution earlier if they wanted to control it. And if they were wise, they would want to control it.

The "end" of copyright.

Amazon's Alexa search opens its web index and server resources to the world. Mix and burn.

I guess if virtual property can be monetized than virtual lawbreaking should be criminalized?

DMCA doesn't protect the little guy? But should it?

The Neuro Commons. It will be interesting to see this develop, given that it's in 'my field.'

And, of course, the guru speaks. It's a good interview, as it turns out.



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