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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Online sales driven by convenience, not lawsuits. Apprently, no one's listening.

The people's (bad) choice.

"This new reality might have a hidden bias for certain types of movie content.

Like Napster's more social aspects in the early days, but for the web. goes to Yahoo.

Hollywood buyouts.

Software piracy declining at 1% per year. Seems pretty high to me. I'm sure the RIAA would be happy for such numbers....

Lossless taking off? Not for most, I'd imagine.

Creative tries competing with new player, horde of angry lawyers. More.

Machinima hits the mainstream.

HDTV adoption figures.

How long until this is used for DRM?

More format wars. Meanwhile, Blu-Ray production begins.

Indies test licensing music for podcasts.

Overpeer shuts down. Here's why.

IBM: Piracy made the internet. Not that kind of piracy..."HTML's ease of learning and the view source capability for browsers has bootstrapped the Web's popularity in an amazing way."

Google Transit illustrates why public data should be public. I've wanted something similar for SEPTA since I came to Philadelphia.

Patent office not introspective. Copyright office isn't either.

Canadian EFF-like group launches.

More on the monetization of gaming.

Another report on Fair Use.

Felten on more Sony DRM issues. More. More.

Mother loses downloading appeal. Court rejects fair use defense.

Napster launches in Germany; Yahoo launches machinima music video service.

DRMed SNIU: Biometric P2P.

Where Google might be going. Seems very focused on selling content, whereas their current model for success has mostly been free access to other people's content and make money off ads.

The other BT.

This is huge if it gets passed.

Open vs. closed.

ABC, NBC, everyone else?

Another fascinating Patry post on the Civil War and copyright.



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