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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The problem with "Web 2.0"

The problem with the so-called Web 2.0 is that there is no interaction between disparate services. Consequently, instead of embracing the specialized-tool philosophy that seems to be a hallmark of early Web 2.0 apps, this will eventually cause data silos. Still, it's not insurmountable, especially since many of them use XML. There's just not much glue going on between services at the moment. For instance, I just tried out Planzo for its calendar. But it also tries to be a social networking service, which it's quite bad at (especially for me, given that all my friends are either on LJ or Facebook). If it could just leverage its strengths (its calendar, todo, and personal notebook are pretty decent, although not very feature-rich yet), but outsource its social networking to Facebook, LJ, MySpace, Friendster, etc., it would be much easier to start new web apps. It would also be a nice counter to the growing force of Google.



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