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Friday, September 16, 2005

"Moreover, Penn has recently launched the NetReg system -- which makes it easier to identify the identity of illegal downloaders, according to University Information Security Officer David Millar."

RIAA pretends it won Grokster flat out.

Finnish MP3 players still legal.

It all depends on how you calculate. But interesting nonetheless.

Swedish MP3 player maker refuses to pay levy.

Whither, privacy?

A bit player.

This is how legislation should be done. I've been opposed to the FCC's rulings against competition in the local loop, but as part of this overall package, I don't think they're too bad. Theoretically, of course, mandated LL competition is an ugly kludge, but competition between providers doesn't really seem so practical at this point (despite the agency's attempts to ram through power line networking), and it is something of a useful solution to provide competition in what used to be considered natural monopolies (instead of the natural duopolies like we have now).

iTunes video podcasting.

Lego welcomes hacks.

P2P trend data. Felten's commentary.

More uses for an open data widget.

Huge fortune article on the costs of patents to academic innovation.

OECD report on digital scientific publishing. via Lessig

Contributory infringement is about as destructive a concept as they come.

Patent bill moving along, but without perhaps its most important provision.

No more unfunded mandates for digital distribution of blockbusters?

Breathless futurizing on IPTV.

Social networking, technologically-enabled.

Patry on Google Print.



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