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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Excellent article on the failings of collective content creation. Wisdom of Crowds author Surowiecki spoke here last week, and I tried to strike up a conversation on a similar topic during a break, but he, perhaps unsurprisingly, fell into the rapid pro-Wikipedia category.

Google presses forward with Google Print. In a larger context. The legal aspects.

Gates goes after DRM in Blu-Ray again. An emerging (and certainly unsurprising theme): companies use DRM for competitive advantage when it suits their purposes, and decry it when it works against them. Not so interesting except that it highlights the anti-competitive uses of DRM's relative prominence over their purported purpose in anti-piracy enforcement.
More DRM controversy.

iPod video harbinger of change for affiliates.

More game economies.

WinMX keepalive. PING/PONG.

Another ugly anecdote.




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