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Monday, September 12, 2005

The DP picks up the NetReg story.

Crude tools for measuring blog activity.

The rule-of-law argument is getting old in these cases. To make a gross over-comparison, Jane Fonda was not morally obligated to follow the laws in Vietnam which required her to turn over an American soldier for passing her a message. Journalism is a profession and, as such, has a code of ethics. Most journalists I know would not have done this, but most people I know would not have understood why. Indeed, most still wonder why the NYTimes reporter is in jail in the Novak case.

Tracking media exposure.

Ars dissects the iPod nano.

Guradian slams the iphone.

Waiting for the arguments about how this will enable massive piracy and must be shut down.

Self-repairing spacecraft uses ant logic. BT uses an ant metaphor as well. SNIU.

More efficient distributed message sharing. Should help P2P searches, and (I think..have to read more) anonymous P2P speeds.

S. Korean RIAA starts with bigger numbers.

Taiwan wants reconciliation on P2P.

Radio broadcast flag.



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