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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Catching up on links

NYT on counterfeits in China.

iPod phone, finally? NapsterToGo making strides also.

DVD Jon does it again. Impressive.

Creative patents the ground under Apple's feet.

Misconceptions about CC still abound. The biggest criticism, here and elsewhere, seems to be that people can't profit from it, but there is a CC Non-Commercial license that still allows commercial deals, and this has long been what I think the future of copyright will look like: give it away for the cachet, and then ink deals with advertisers and the like.

More digial home convergence.

New SatRadio allows recording.

Tipping point? Also, haven't heard anything about HAMs in the aftermath of Katrina, and they're usually at the forefront of such things. Strange.

A crying shame.

Set-top IPTV.

BT -> eDonkey

EFF DRM guide.

Lessig: public domain dead in 35 years. Kind of a meaningless claim. It's clear that there will be no public domain for new works for a very very long time (effectively, barring greater wisdom of future Courts, infinitely). But the stuff that's already there ain't going anywhere.

Skype rival.

Scariest patent of the year.

Australia Kazaa ruling to come Monday. Does anyone still use Kazaa? The courts take years, people change overnight. Good luck folks.

Details on Macrovisions much-touted anti-P2P system. More of the same.

P2P TV streaming. [edit: not SNIU]

China source of pay TV rips?

Korean P2P service shut down.

A sarcastic look at TrustyFiles.

Fingerprinting. For real this time?

Citizen journalism no threat to suburb papers.

Shrink-wrap licenses were one of my early 'they're not getting this right at all' moments.

RIAA lawyer interview.

"Maximizing every short-term advantage may not be the best long-term strategy."

Fisher: Google book-scanning is fair use.

JISC-SURF 5-part analyses on copyright. via OANews

MS delaying balanced report on DRM.

VHS dead.

More wonderful Patry.

Copyright Office publishes comments on pre-registration for categories of works where pre-release infringement poses a problem.

Science world unlikely to accept DRM.



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