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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A new music industry strategy....

I'm behind in my linking (have them opened at work, but didn't have a spare minute to post them today), so I think this comes before the link that it's based on, but Miller carrying discussion of Cohen's manifesto being a joke, wrote: "the Supreme Court seems to have left the door open to a "taint by association" for technology companies. So, if one company is found to be an active inducer, subsequent companies built on the same technology seem to have one strike against them already. And if you get one strike, the strike zone gets much bigger."
So a new industry strategy: start companies with the worst possible intent down on paper, then sue them out of existence. Not only can they control derivative works, but now they can control derivative businesses as well. Almost certainly not practical because the scheme would have to be on such a massive scale as to be impossible, but an interesting thought experiment nonetheless.



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