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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hosting company shuts down legitimate torrent.

Face-to-face, peer-to-peer.

Same case as earlier; better analysis from Miller.

Call off the dogs?

Some indies like P2P. LA Times, via Miller, via Geist
In other news, there has to be a blogging technology to enable automatic citations. Once the CC technological infrastructure comes into ubiquity, perhaps things like Blogline's Clip/Blogthis button could automatically cite as well.

Guess you won't be switching to Verizon anytime soon, that is, if you want to listen to the music you've licensed. (Just a theoretical example)

No music for Limbaugh podcast due to copyright issues.

Thank goodness for copyright leakage, otherwise the potential of this new form might not have been noticed by the major labels.

Fair Use Day, July 11th. In an odd coincidence, that's the planned launch date of the journal's call for papers.

Publishers agree that Google Print helps sales.

New format, RatDVD, compresses DVDs for 'net while retaining menus.

Patent protections not taken advantage of in video game industry? via Furdlog. I'd imagine the reason is that gaming simply moves too fast. However, given all the mediocre games out there that simply add on one good gameplay idea, it would be a shame and a really bad thing for the industry if patents came into wider use.



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