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Friday, June 17, 2005

Au voleur.

WSJ article on OA journals. The innnumeracy is staggering: they show a graph of total research library expenditures on all periodicals, and claim it shows that the cost of scholarly publications is rising. Now, the cost of scholarly publications is rising, but it would be nice if they'd use the right graph.

AdWare on BT. Interesting that a shady industry has now moved even shadier by contributing to piracy directly.

Music phones no iPod killers.

"Furthermore, if you contact Sony and ask how to get the files off of your Windows PC and onto your iPod (or any other non-WM-DRM-supporting portable), Sony will tell you how to bypass the copy protection entirely."

Oh boy.


73% of 'people' prefer movies at home.

Why is it that pornography has to always be the harbinger of future free speech?




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