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Friday, April 01, 2005

Sony online movie store.

Another paid P2P.
Anonymous speech with Tor/Privoxy.

Orphan works comments. Over 700 of them. Impressive.

TV and P2P.

Variety of open-source programs like Poisoned would keep Grokster's network alive even after a potential shutdown.

Another misconception. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to download a copyrighted work, even if you own it. Time-shifting is legal; space-shifting is not.

Interview with Anatomic P2P developer--decentralized BT.

Data on music services.

iPod demographics.

Truth in advertising?

One step forwards....

To promote the progress of the useful arts and sciences.

Miller roasts bad editorials.



Hundred-year-old legal precedent to overturn Grokster? Or April fool's?

Space-shifting and Grokster.

More 100-year-old legal precedent.


More on the real pirates.
"Most people I spoke to later agreed that, if one followed the money-and-production trail all the way back, one would eventually arrive at the [Chinese] government—although which government, local, regional, or national, was a question."

Hollywood tries the make-fewer strategy the RIAA used. Fewer movies released, total sales go down, sales per movie go's the fault of P2P.



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