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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Copyright a yoga move.

Wired does P2P. Again.

British TV station offers downloads. Forward-looking in some respects, antediluvian in others.

Apple closes iTMS loophole; DVD Jon reopens.

More on Google.

Consumer groups publish 80+ page document on RIAA practices.

GNAB, the Bertelsmann P2P service.

Another artist predicts end of industry. It comes back to the central points of what the RIAA members do: marketing, distribution, recording, and a strange form of financing. They've never really done much marketing, and Clear Channel and the like do more anyway. Distribution has gone entirely digital. Recording can now be accomplished extraordinarily inexpensively. The financing for marketing, distribution, and recording can certainly be had from other sources, but we may see the industry shift towards this factor, as presumably they are the best at predicting future hits and thus solvent lendees. Although a revolution in song-picking could lead to a start-up taking over this function.

U.S. Justice Department's IP analysis.

Copyright expiration spurs innovation. Exactly why increasing terms beyond a certain length does not spur innovation.




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