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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Grokster. Grokster.

US Government to apply DRM to public documents.

Snocap brings in indies.

DMCA analysis.

Sony DRM incompatible with own devices. Yet another example of a company conflicted from the prime case study, Sony.

Trademark law loosened.

FCEA expected to pass. Seems like it has carveouts for specific things that are good, but it's always unfortunate and never good for innovation to see such exemptions decided in the slow, cumbersome legislative process.

BT +Grokster=INDUCE?

iTunes DRM tightens.

TV show about the piracy backbones.

Australian BT sites close. Net bandwidth drops dramatically, as one would expect as everyone moves to more private (and thus slower) and less centralized networks.

DRM in mobiles.



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