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Friday, March 18, 2005

New iTunes DRM circumvention. It's been widely reported that this un-DRMs the files, but what it appears to do is download the file from Apple directly, not through iTunes. Apparently Apple is doing DRM on the local computer.

P2P network spam filter. OverPeer not impressed with the efficacy of filters, ironically. Which brings us to this comment about adopting the other side's arguments.

Distributed campaign for Fiona.

Hatch heads Senate IP subcommittee.

Free(er)-market in set-top boxes is not further off.

Another Berkman conference.

EFF's SNIU countdown to Grokster. And the Endangered Gizmo list for good measure.

Better analysis of the Trademark Dilution Act referenced earlier.

Nice legal charts on Grokster.



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