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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Patent satire.

Google Print opens. Not too different from Amazon Search Inside the Book as best I can tell. Don't see quite what the ruckus is about.

iMesh launch moderately sucessful.

USENET to iPod.

MySpace and band promotion. Where the marketing middlemen go, there goes the record industry.

Wired finally gets around to covering the Neuros story.

Guess that puts an end to speculation that the next-gen DVD formats wouldn't be crackable. Chinese DVD players are known for their loose interpretation of DRM specs--e.g. giving the customer what he/she wants.

Now if only this worked for voting machines.

Digital music sales flattening.

Nasty move by the MPAA.

Impressive numbers for iTMS Video.

More DRM badness.

How games have changed the movie business.

Springtime for...the RIAA? Surely he can't have been making an allusion to the Mel Brooks classic?



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