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Monday, October 24, 2005


Gnab uses a decentralised P2P network to offer downloads whose original content is hosted on centralised servers.

Bertlesmann to launch music service -

SNIU, sort-of.

The concept of "copy" in the infringement sense predates the defintion of "copy" in the 1976 Act by over two hundred years, and as noted last week, has had, historically, a limited application; that is, many substantial reproductions (like fair abridgements and translations) were not deemed a "copy" at the infringement stage, even though the unauthorized work was quite fixed.

The Patry Copyright Blog: A Common Law of Copy

How can a hit television series like “Frasier” gross $1.5 billion and yet be $200 million in the red?

Furdlog » The Joys of Entertainment Industry Accounting

So, if fair use is merely a way to account for how difficult clearing copyright can be, then the protection is growing less and less necessary.

Open Access News

Dr. Robert Gilbert’s “Projects in Marketing” class is on a mission to educate Pitt students on the dangers of illegally downloading and burning music from the Internet.

The Pitt News - Students form new group to combat filesharing

Groove P2P System Assists Hurricane Relief

Groove P2P System Assists Hurricane Relief



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