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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Copyright and Licensing Digital Materials - A Resource Guide"

"Researching Intellectual Property Law In The Russian Federation"

Ourmedia needs moderators.

"If people want to take the show in various forms, I'd say go. But when you're a part of something successful and meaningful, the rule book says don't try to analyze it too much or dissect it. You shouldn't say: "I really want to know what fans think. I really want to understand how people are digesting our show." Because that is one of those things that you truly have no control over. The one thing that you have control over is the content of the show. But how people are reacting to it, how it's being shared, how it's being discussed, all that other stuff, is absolutely beyond your ability to control."

Warner to launch download-only label.

Sony launches own P2P network, sort of. Commentary. SNIU

Amazon starting to sell eshorts.

Open Source DRM? One of the main criticisms of DRM has been that it has been put out there to control the content providers' interests exclusively. Can this change that?

Collaborative filtering in disguise.


A P2P network for bikes? SNIU distorted. I just don't see the decentralized network of a centrally-managed pool of rentals. It's basically self-service UHaul, not P2P. Witness the central control scheme. Now, if instead of sending out technicians to redistribute the bikes every day the system just paid anyone with a little bit of leisure time on their hands to move them around (e.g. 2 euros to bring it back to the edge of the city, 1e for a certain obscure stop in the center) and provided a way for passersby to do it, that would be a little closer to P2P.

Video stores in trouble.

Studios target niches.

DRM future looks ugly.

Slate on Blu-Ray.

Interesting case by EFF.

Funny, I encountered the same problems at about the same time.

Lone standout can't afford the fight.

Patry on motion. Same.

Hollywood numbers not looking good.



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