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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Legal Torrents. SNIU

Common Content. Fair to share.

iPod not blingy enough for South Koreans?

Japanese artists on iTMS.

GPL3 being written. OSL3 also.

DVD format wars gain new weapon. Ultimately, I don't think the MPAA members will allow two formats to flourish--mysteriously, only one will have titles released for it. So the format that can convince Hollywood that its DRM is least likely to be broken will win. Felten's comments.

iPod patent mess.

P2P statistics. It's official, BT users are just plain geekier...12% use Vorbis.

iBiblio adds BT feeds.

MS DRMs XBox hardware.


Music industry looks beyond Jobs' pricing model.

An amusing Patry today.



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