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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Scatterbrain, free, anonymous P2P. Definitely a post-Groksterism, with abundant claims of SNIUs.

Counterfeiters love electronics.

Blu-Ray at tipping point?

XM Audible store.

Is Hillary Rosen trying to be cool? What's with the piss-poor grammar?

DMB and DRM. Just the length of the instructions should make it clear what a bad idea DRM is in situations like these.

More Google Print.

OANews reports on a disturbing pseudo-OA development. In the academic world it's one thing, but elsewhere, I'm not sure I really disagree. The CC slogan is "Some rights reserved," after all. That said, it is frustrating to see a potential new source for and then realize that, although you can download it, you can't send it to a friend or a stranger.

Article on the public domain.

Excellent Patry today. And here. On son-of-DART.

More Picker MobBlog.



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