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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sony tries DRM again. Wexelblat points out that there will be no DRM warning on the disk.

Getty exemplifies stock image/video rumours by starting to sell video footage in alliance with Universal.

Spanish P2P site shut down. It still amazes me that there are any highly-visible P2P sites around at all. What worries me is what else comes along with the music. The further underground illegal but perhaps-not-immoral activities are drive, the better the infrastructure of the darkest corners of the Internet grows. The very fact that there are somewhat reliable estimates as to the extent of filesharing traffic indicates that such a transition hasn't yet occurred.

Microsoft IPTV initiative founders over proprietary concerns.

Peerflix physical P2P not quite there yet. The accounting system seems a little crude. Why not make Peerbux a virtual-market-determined currency?

Slashdot does Rodi.

Marketing Nondescrimination. From the guestbloggers on Lessig's blog. Should be interesting.

"Michael Benson, the Student Government Association's president-elect, said the program is appealing to colleges because it eliminates the possibility of students being prosecuted for illegally downloading music or movies." Does it really, now?

Operation Digital Gridlock over with four convictions.

Broadcast Flag may not get tacked on to DTV bill after all.

You've already seen this one because, well, it came from me. Fancy that, someone actually reads this besides that anonymous commentator who pointed out my missing the April Fool's joke. I suppose it's as good a time as any to apologize for not being better about citing where I pick up news items from. Generally I try to link to commentary if there is any, otherwise I wind up reading the referenced article and then linking to it. I still think of this blog as mostly a conversation with Dr. Fader, but I guess if people, including Ernest Miller (whose work is excellent, by the way), are reading I should be a little more careful. Still, most links get echoed back and forth and it's nearly impossible to decide who to cite. The Sony DRM story I read 6 or 7 times, for instance.

On the heels of the MPAA/Police payment controversy comes this. How long before the MPAA is paying for a special division of police for infringement just to enforce its will?

"Originally, the movie studios priced videotapes at $70-$100+. They didn't believe there was a market for consumers to buy videotapes."

Blackmun and Sony.



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